Our Mission: accelerate the adoption of transformative technologies by helping companies cross the chasm from early adopter to early majority. 


End to End Development

We have a long track record of building full-stack mobile and web applications with expertise in the development of DAPPs/Smart Contracts using Solidity.

Our tech stack typically consists of React/React Native, NodeJS/ExpressJS, Solidity, Firebase, and MongoDB/Postgres. We build modular, reusable codebases.


user experience + Design

Decrypt[ed] works with startups on product/market fit and go-to-market strategy to increase the likelihood of success. Our designs emphasize simplicity, strong calls-to-action and clear messaging.

We also works with established products to accelerate growth through improved branding and design.

Blockchain Consulting

The Decrypt[ed] team has provided blockchain consulting solutions to a wide range of companies.  We  help clients understand the implications of blockchain technology for their products and industry. 

Our most in-demand service is architecting a startup that leverages blockchain technology to disrupt our client's existing business.